Best Solution for Truck Owner-Operator

Being a truck owner operator is much more challenging these days. Since you are independent, you have full control on the schedule but it also very challenging to get the right load. Without proper load you won’t get proper income and that may not be good. Since the competition is getting much tougher, you need to make sure you won’t be left behind and run out business. You need better solution and Landstar may has the best solution you need.

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Unlike other similar systems, Landstar guarantees that there won’t be any force dispatch. You won’t be forced to take the load and the schedule you don’t want. You’re the one to decide when you are ready for a load and what kind of load to choose. There’s no need to worry. Landstar offers huge selections of trucking jobs. Every Landstar owner-operator has access to freight load board to find and select the right job to take. Its intuitive user interface allows you to easily narrow down the search with some criteria including origin, destination, rate-per-mile, and many more.

It is more than just ultimate freedom but Landstar also offers the best system to help you optimize full earning potentials. It offers fair percentage for every load and also very competitive rate-per-mile. Even more interesting, Landstar has many programs for owner-operators including new gimmicks, promotion programs, benefits, and many more. The decision is yours. Join Landstar today and

Important Objectives of Career Development

Efficient career planning has assumed great importance in today’s competitive job market. In order to excel in our chosen field, we need to be completely focused, have the basic knowledge and skills, and possess a genuine interest for the field. These days employers make an effort to launch career development programs for their employees in order to increase their productivity and help them achieve their organizational goals. Before we learn about its objectives, let us understand this concept first.

About Career Development

Career development refers to the process of continuously managing your professional work. This process assists people in defining their career goals and aspirations clearly. Education is the first step towards developing a career as without access to education, people will not be able to deliver their best at their place of work. Education received in various institutions such as elementary school, high school, and university helps in increasing the depth of a student’s knowledge. Career enhancement and development is also concerned with personality development as a person needs to present himself in the best possible way in his workplace to make a mark for himself.

Along with quality of education, career planning also emphasizes on the vital aspects of training and employment. Knowledge and facts learned in classrooms need to be applied smartly to do the work assigned in a satisfactory way. For this, good deal of training needs to be provided to the employees by their employers. Also, the result of the training should be monitored by consistently evaluating the performance of trained employees on various projects. By delivering a good performance and meeting targets in set deadlines, employees can climb the corporate ladder faster and obtain promotions with increased compensation.

Objectives for Employees

Identifying our strengths and weaknesses is a major objective of career enhancing.

Types of Aptitude Tests

There are many individuals who, at some point in their lives, feel that they are caught in the wrong job, or perhaps have chosen a career that isn’t giving them personal satisfaction. Some complain about the lack of creative satisfaction, whereas others feel that there may be a higher calling in life to be pursued. Choosing an inappropriate field of study without much thought and a wrong career can lead to immense frustration; plus, it can lead to depression resulting due to the professional and personal dissatisfaction. Most of the time, such instances occur because people do not invest enough time in evaluating their own skills and recognizing the opportunities that suit them. So basically, people fail to realize their aptitude or true potential for a particular field of study or work.

And, this is where aptitude tests step in. These tests are broadly defined as exams that help to measure a person’s ability to acquire specific set of skills. Depending on these skills, there exist various kinds of exams. There are many instances where the tests are used, be it the admission procedure for graduate and postgraduate studies or simply a job opportunity. The tests help assess a person’s candidature and prove as a benchmark for evaluating other profiles.

Vocabulary and Grammar Tests

When a person completes certain years of education, there exists a standard level of vocabulary that is expected out of him/her. These tests help to figure out a person’s vocabulary level through various grammar and language exercises like synonym-antonym exercises, reading comprehension, and even essay writing. Vocabulary and grammar tests are often employed while selecting candidates for higher studies as well as jobs that require a certain level of mastery of a particular language. There are language proficiency tests as well that evaluate

Choosing a Career Test

To choose a right career path is very important to achieve the goals that one has set in his life. A good career not only gives us financial stability, but also the joy of working in the right field. The career tests or career assessment tests help a person understand his qualities or personality attributes and thereby assist in him in the process of career development. Such type of assessment helps in choosing the right career path.

Importance of a Career Test
The test that is chosen to decide a career path should be scientific and should assess a person accurately. The results or options provided by the career test should enable in choosing the right career with ease. The bottom line is that the test should make our decision about a career easier for us. Career opportunities should also be kept in mind while taking such tests.

How to Choose a Career Test?
Here are a few guidelines or tips that one should follow in order to take the right career choosing tests.

– One should choose a high quality career interest test to get accurate results. Such a test would help a person understand himself in a better way, suggest a variety of career options and provide exhaustive information about every career choice.
– Taking a valid test is considered to be of utmost importance in making a serious career decision. The term valid here, means that the test should have some scientific base or evidence. Such tests help in choosing the right career options.
– Some of the online tests are endorsed or recommended by experts. It is not necessary however, that a person with a Ph.D. would recommend the right career test. Many schools, professional organizations and even government organizations recommend tests for choosing the right career. These recommendations

Information About Career Tests for College Students

This is what most students do, when they get confused about choosing a career and pursuing higher education for the same. Taking the right decision is of prime importance, as any wrong decision can hamper your future prospects. Being different human beings, our interests and inclinations are different, and it is vital to find out as to what exactly we love, and do we have the capacity to succeed in our field of interest. The career test can assist you in choosing a proper career by taking into consideration your interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Nature of the Test

Career tests generally have objective type questions with multiple choices. They ideally have fifty questions, which are to be attempted in fifty to sixty minutes. The questions are set such that, knowledge of different subjects such as Logic, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Business Administration, Politics, etc., is tested. Many of these tests have negative marking scheme wherein, one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. Your spatial ability, reasoning skills, ability to interpret information fast, observation skills, and general knowledge will be examined. Questions are also included which involve finding missing numbers using numerical ability and solving puzzles.

Candidates are advised to attempt all the questions, so that the counselor can guide them well. After the test is completed, based on your score, the counselor will guide you about which branch of studies is the best suited for you. He will also give you reasons as to why you should pursue a particular course, and will suggest ways to perform well in it. Choosing a career test can be difficult, as there are a number of tests available.

Top Career Tests

The General Aptitude Test Battery
It can help test the occupation related aptitudes of the students. It was designed in 1940

Career Test for Kids

Career test holds high importance for kids, just as their academic career. It helps them become more focused, and goal-oriented when they actually start building, and choosing the career that reconcile with the qualities they possess. Out of the myriads of career options to choose from, a career test enhances their ability to zero in to the right one, the one well-suited for their field of interest. The primary purpose of this exercise is to increase students’ self-awareness, in a rational and intellectual way, so that they are well-prepared for the time when they would have to define their real interests, and execute them for their betterment. That is why such tests comprise questions which are based on the students’ skill sets, likes, dislikes, and aspirations, that can explore better depths of their individual lives.

Commonly Asked Questions In a Career Test

– What do you want to become when you grow up?
– Which subject interests you the most?
– What do you understand by the different colors of the traffic?
– What do you think which job will suit you the most?
– What do your parents want you to be?
– Which job you think is the best and why?
– Why do you think the sky is blue?
– Do you like making friends?
– What is your favorite video game, and what do you like the most about it?
– Which part of your house do you like the most?
– What kind of music do you like to listen to?
– Do you know if your country is a left hand drive or right hand drive one?
– Are you aware of the salary scale for different jobs?
– What would you have to do if you want to become a lawyer?
– What is your

Career Tests for High School Students

Career tests for high school students
High school students are at a stage in their lives when they have to decide upon a career path. For most, it is a time riddled with confusion with so many career options to choose from. The need to take into account several factors can make the process of choosing a career a daunting task. At this juncture, taking a career test is seen to help. In fact, this is the ideal time for students to take a career test because it helps them gain a direction about the kind of career to take up. These tests are specially designed to evaluate the intelligence, aptitudes, interests, inclinations, and personality of a student.

In the following sections of this article, we will help you understand why these tests are important, and give you examples of some of the tests commonly used for this purpose.

What the Tests Include

Career tests are specially designed to understand the level of intelligence, the kind of personality, varied interests, and aptitudes of a student; which when combined with an interview by a career counselor help a student to shortlist those careers that seem to be the most suitable in terms of strengths and weaknesses, preferred lifestyle, social environment, growth in a career, the consequent possibility of success, and thereby happiness in life.

Career tests help identify the varied factors mentioned above. This becomes important because different jobs require different levels of intelligence. Some courses require higher levels of intelligence as compared to others. Similarly, certain jobs are better suited for certain personality types. For example, an outgoing person will fare better in an event planning job which requires one to be open and outgoing. A career test will help identify the same.

As far as interests are concerned, sometimes

Career Test for Middle School Students

Career Assessment

Career tests are important for middle school students to make an informed decision about their career, and also in choosing the right career path. Free test for students and various career assessment tools available on the Internet should help in taking the important decision of their career.

Career Test for Middle School Students
Students from middle school are in their developmental phase. Deciding on a career path at this age can be difficult for them. The tests meant for assessment of personality should therefore, come in handy to carve out the future course of career for them. Choosing the right career path can be tricky at times. One might get confused by seeing the sheer number of career options that are there to choose from. However, with the help of proper methods of assessment of personality traits, one can at least have a rough idea as to which path is the best for him/her. The Internet is quite a useful tool for obtaining information about various career tests available in the market. Some online services too offer assessment instruments which test the students on different parameters. Job titles relevant to results of these tests are provided to students in order to assist them in making a proper career choice. Let us have a look at the various career assessment instruments available online.
Career For Me II
It is a paper pencil career assessment instrument which helps students to think about their interests for choosing the right career. Using this instrument, students can gain information about the new job titles, learn more about their personal interests, understand how the different types of jobs are grouped in categories and much more.
The categories or clusters in which different job titles are grouped include ‘Environmental & Agriculture’, ‘Human Services’, ‘Health’, ‘Business & Management’, ‘Arts

How to Deal with Career Identity Crisis

Everything that is dear to us becomes a part of our identity and makes us who we are. A job is no different and is essentially one of our driving forces and means of existence. After all, why would anyone wish to work day in, and day out, unless it was for the sake of making a good living and feeling a sense of empowerment. That being said, not all of us like our jobs and some simply can’t stand it.

While we complain and crib about our bosses and managers, we rarely ever do anything drastic such as quit our jobs or change our field of work altogether. In spite of spending several years learning the tricks and trade of the job, there comes a time when we cannot help but feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied with the state of our career. In this Buzzle write-up, find out how to deal with career identity crisis and turn your setbacks into reasons for a career jumpstart.

Career Crisis Triggers

– Unsure of which career path to choose.
– Getting fired from a secure job.
– Feeling burned-out and frustrated.
– Corporate downsizing and its collateral effects.
– Disliking the job and wanting to make a career change.
– Choosing the wrong career.

Ways to Cope with Career Identity Crisis

Do Not Job-hop
☛ If you’re unsure of which career path to tread or which job is appropriate for you, do not switch jobs at random. Never job-hop unless you’re absolutely sure that, it is the right decision to take and has long-term career and financial benefits to offer.
☛ Do not get swept off with the tide of what people think is the right way to go, unless you too believe so. Every job has some advantages and things to offer and teach, so you might

How to Be the Go-to Person at Work

Be the go-to person at work
We inadvertently envy those who become indispensable members at the workplace. Such individuals are adept at directing the spotlight onto themselves.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you too could become the go-to person at your workplace? After all, who wouldn’t want to be treated as an expert in their domain and have their colleagues, subordinates, and superiors seek timely council on matters of grave importance.

The go-to person is the one who is dependable, hardworking, intelligent, and most of all good at his/her job. Such employees are diligent, team players, people persons, approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand.

They are the gurus of their field and are treated so, because the quality of their work speaks for itself and their level of knowledge is more pronounced as compared to others around them.

Such individuals know how to get the work done in time and meet all the expectations of the organization. This Buzzle article explains how to be the go-to person at work by applying some simple strategies.

Believe in Yourself First

You cannot possibly help others if you’re unsure of your own capabilities. If you are undecided of whether you can do a particular task, you will not be entrusted with responsibilities anytime soon.

Unless you have the confidence in yourself and take the initiative to offer assistance, you will always be treated as a rookie. For gaining that much of confidence, you will need to brush up on your knowledge and work skills. Thereafter, you will need to take up one task at a time, complete the task before or within its deadline, and showcase your efficiency through the final outcome.

Be Positively Willing to Work

Your manager and coworkers are not going to seek advice and assistance from you, unless you are

How to Find a Good Career Mentor

Finding a good mentor
If you are on the verge of choosing your career, or have been in your current field for quite sometime, or haven’t received that long sought promotion, whatever the scenario, a career mentor can pull you out or guide you through any career-related crisis.

Yet, it is surprising to see that not many people have mentors, and there may be various reasons for it like, “a career mentor is difficult to find”, “if they hold high and authoritative positions, then they are not approachable”, and the most common reason of them all, “I didn’t feel the need to approach a career mentor.”

Having a mentor is like asking another person to look at your situation from a different perspective and in a new light. It helps! Trust me, it really does! Asking for advice from someone who has been in your field for a long time, helps us to learn from his mistakes and avoid repeating those in our journey.

Is it really so difficult to find a good career mentor, let’s find out.

Define! But Not Very Specifically

You need to have a clear outline of who you want to become. While looking out for a mentor, you have to be specific but not rigid. On a piece of paper, define your career goal neatly, but do not be too detailed. Then, look at your goal and decide who matches most of the characteristics. Is it your goal to become a department manager, or a managing director, or a CEO. Based on that, you have to search for a mentor. You manage to find a mentor, but he happens to be just a manager, don’t worry! He may be able to guide you devotedly, to become a CEO. That’s why I mentioned about being specific

Questions to Ask Your Employer Before Accepting a Promotion

Questions to ask your employer before accepting a promotion
If you are thinking that saying no to a promotion is not a good idea, this is far from true. Sometimes, a promotion comes with many details that you would not want, like, for example, relocating. This is why you should understand the finer nuances of the promotion before you say yes.

A promotion might also mean that you step into a half-completed project, or more likely, take the place of someone inefficient and lagging behind in work. This can cause undue stress in your life, and will make the promotion not worth it. Also, when employers know that a certain task is difficulty to achieve, they try to motivate employees by giving them a promotion before letting them tackle it. In most cases, the end result is failure, and the loss of a job.

There are many people who regret accepting a promotion because of such problems. Being completely aware about the different aspects of the promotion and questioning your employer about it can definitely save you from making such a career debacle.

Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Promotion

What are the changes in the compensation, perks, and benefits that you are offering me?

This is perhaps the most important question from your point of view. With an enhanced designation, your role and responsibilities will increase. Hence, you will get a hike in compensation, perks, or benefits. Ensure that your monthly take-home salary has increased considerably after the promotion. If you are going to work for long hours at a stretch, divide your salary by the number of hours, and see if you are going to earn more after the promotion or in your current position.

Remember that in some companies, promotion may not necessarily increase the compensation, or

The Benefits of Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is the act of learning about the job from one or a few of the employees, who teach the pre-employees, newcomers, and existing employees about the job without interrupting their own work. This is a great job assessment method for graduates and professionals, who wish to get a feel of the job before deciding to intern or apply for a job opening with an organization. The option of job shadowing is also available to existing employees who are interested in learning more about another work area within an organization, so as to expand their field of expertise or get ready to handle a new work domain.

Job shadowing allows pre-employees and employees from other various areas to follow experienced employees, observe their work and learn on the job. It helps people gain a deeper understanding of the work environment, its demands, stress, and possible avenues of growth. This type of training allows employees to gain direct experience and understand what the job entails. It also gives employees the opportunity to gage whether they like the job or not, and whether they would like to opt for the new role or not. This way, the new employees and old members of the organization get to avoid making wrong career moves or feeling trapped in their jobs. This Buzzle article discusses the benefits of job shadowing.

Allows Employees to Test the Waters

The biggest advantage of the lot, is that job shadowing allows individuals to test the job out.

Therefore, you will get to sit and learn from an experienced employee, who will explain the nuances of his job to you. During the course of a day, you will get ample time to gain a deeper understanding of the job, its requirements, and firsthand experience.

Helps Gain More Know-how

Job shadowing also helps increase familiarity towards

Examples of Career Goals

3 Steps to Success
First, you decide what you want to be/do in life.

Second, you split them into smaller goals/targets that you have to achieve, which will make the road easier to tread, to reach your ultimate goal.

Third, and most importantly, once you have chalked out a proper plan, start working towards achieving it.
Enlisting the various career goals that you wish to achieve is a systematic and step-by-step way of achieving what you desire career-wise. The following career objective examples can be useful in setting different sorts of goals, that many of us postpone for another time.

Achievable Career Goals
~ Aiming at acquiring enough expertise in the given field/industry so as to enable you to start your own business.
~ Choosing a hobby or activity that you are passionate about, to take into a profession.
~ Getting a promotion.
~ Initiating your willingness to quit your current job, and take up a new one.
~ Trying to feel happy about work.
~ To set your goal of doubling productivity or sales.
~ To balance work with other personal activities.
~ Aiming for a raise.

Short-Term Career Goals
~ To reply to emails from clients and seniors every day.
~ To keep your workplace neat and tidy, to help unclutter not just your space, but mind.
~ To manage time properly.
~ Not to exceed break timings.
~ To be interactive with coworkers, and make an effort to get to know them.
~ To spend quality time with the employees, if you are at a managerial position.
~ Make it a point to be cheerful at work.
~ To excel at the current project you are working on.
~ To increase your speed and proficiency.
~ To learn a new skill like a computer program or skill.
~ Not to keep