Jobs That Require a Lot of Reading

Reading books is one of the greatest hobbies ever, and it relieves stress, kills boredom, and transports you to a different world altogether. This world keeps you glued to your seat, regardless of hunger, sleep, or fatigue. A world created by the writer, which stimulates your imagination, refreshes, relaxes, and rejuvenates your state of mind. The joy you feel after completing a book just cannot be described in words. It is a journey or an experience which you can understand, only after you have actually been through it.

What if you could read a lot at your workplace? Yes, it is true! If you want to do a job that involves a lot of reading, there are quite a few jobs out there that are suitable for bookworms. They give you an opportunity to read a lot, besides helping you to get paid for it. Doesn’t that sound just perfect?

Best Jobs for People Who Love to Read

Editor and Proofreader
Editors and proofreaders read the work of other authors or journalists. They correct and address the issues related to the work that include grammatical errors, sentence construction, spelling mistakes, quality, and accuracy of the content. Editors work for magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and websites, or can be self-employed too. Along with reading proficiency, they need to have excellent grammar and writing skills. Editors get to read various content and reading material, for which they suggest improvements and ideas to better the quality and readability of the content.

A lawyer too needs to read a lot. He is required to research and go through tons of reading material, to build up a case and argue his stand in a court of law. He has to look into minute details all the time, so as to come up with arguments or laws and terms that will help him with a case. If legal contracts, legislatures, patent filing, registration, preparation, and law books sound good to you, then this might be a suitable career for you.

Scientists and researchers have to be updated about current advancements and breakthroughs in their field all the time. Researchers are needed in various domains, including academics, marketing, life sciences, and medicine. Though involved in experimental and scientific studies, they need to go through a lot of material and collect data to form their own hypothesis. They need to refer to prior research articles and reports, and hence, a career in this field involves a lot of reading.

Teachers require reading to be prepared and informed about the current scenario in the field of expertise. They need to be updated in order to give satisfactory answers to the questions posed by students. Professors in colleges and research-based institutions must read journals and other published articles to gain new insights and theories, which they share with their students. In order to instill curiosity and keep the students interested in class, teachers have to come up with innovative methods on a continuous basis. If you love sharing and imparting your knowledge, then this is the ideal job for you.

The job of an archivist is to collect, organize, as well as preserve important documents, written works, and records. He may also need to maintain photographs, film or sound recordings, letters, electronic records, manuscripts, and other forms of media. If reading and learning new things, and organizational skills come naturally to you, then this could be a great career opportunity in the making.Librarian
Being a librarian is not only about arranging, organizing, and stacking of books, it is also about administrative and clerical tasks that you will need to handle. The most important thing is you will be surrounded by books, and all your work revolves around them. A well-read librarian is loved by all, as this person is in an ideal position to suggest different books to others who are interested in particular topics. If you like to learn new things and read varied types of books, then becoming a librarian is an excellent idea.

Reporters inform us about various news, events, and current affairs that take place around the world. They work for magazines, newspapers, websites, television, and other media centers. A lot of research is involved in their work, which needs them to spend a great deal of time reading and gathering accurate information.

If you love to write, then expressing what you feel and penning down your thoughts will be easy for you. You can be a novelist, journalist, short story or script writer, author, etc. If used in the right way, words can be quite expressive, and capture many hearts. It all depends on what you write and how you put it across, that will strike a chord with the readers. Writing on facts and events would require a lot of research and reading.
Other Jobs That Require Reading

– Market Research Analyst
– Publisher
– Copywriter
– Public Relation Specialist
– Book Reviewer
– Human Resource Executive

With so many options to choose from, I am sure something must have interested you. Your passion being your career, will help you evolve as a person, as you continue learning new things, gaining more knowledge, and greater insights. As Oscar Wilde said, “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”

Compliance Officer Job Description

oversees operations
A compliance officer makes sure that the process of regulation of laws in an organization runs smoothly. His main job is to see that employees of a company, management and board of directors comply with the rules and regulations. The corporate compliance office acts as a medium through which compliance issues are delegated to respective authorities for investigation and solutions. Noted recruiter site Payscale has cited the average annual salary of a compliance officer as $62,000
Duties Of A Compliance Officer
Main duty of compliance officers is that of preventing unethical, illegal or improper conduct of employees in an organization.

They have to interact with people from other departments and communicate to them the issues regarding compliance. It helps in the investigation and resolution of issues through existing channels. A compliance officer can think of availing legal advise of the Corporate attorney for dealing with issues that seem difficult to resolve.
The Compliance officer may have to lead different roles such as Bank Secrecy Act/OFAC Officer, Privacy Officer, Community Reinvestment Act Officer, and Bank Security and Safety Officer.
Updates of standards of conduct and development of periodical reviews is carried out by compliance officers in order to ensure continuing currency.
The compliance officer initiates investigative procedures in case, there is a violation of procedures, policies, rules or regulations.
If any kind of risk or vulnerability in the compliance program is observed by the officer, the compliance officer chalks out plans for taking corrective action. He also guides the members of compliance committee on how to avoid risks in future.
The compliance activities of all departments of a company are monitored by the compliance officer. This is done in order to identify different trends.

The compliance officer provides reviews and carries out evaluation of compliance activities in the company. This is done in order to ensure that all activities are running smoothly.
The reporting of violations of rules and laws is done to authorized enforcement agencies by compliance officers. This also includes potential violations, those which may take place in the future.

Chief Compliance Officer
The Chief Compliance Officer works as a subordinate to the CEO of a company and Board of Trustees’ Corporate Compliance Committee. He monitors the compliance efforts of a company and presents reports based on studies being conducted.
The Chief Compliance Officer guides and provides suggestions on compliance-related matters to the senior management team and Board. The Corporate Compliance Committee and Chief Compliance Officer are given the powers to take desired actions in order to carry out the compliance program effectively.
Bank Compliance Officer
A bank compliance officer has to check whether the compliance management program is being conducted smoothly. The operational and daily lending activities in a bank are planned, organized and controlled by a bank compliance officer.
Bank compliance officers may have to lead various committees and work closely with the management. Providing advice related to complex compliance factors to the senior management and submitting reports is also one of the jobs of bank compliance officers. These officers may also have to conduct training sessions for new recruits.
A short account of compliance officer job description is provided in the article above. There is much more into the work/job profile of a compliance officer. However, you would find that most of the important points are covered.