How to Find a Good Career Mentor

Finding a good mentor
If you are on the verge of choosing your career, or have been in your current field for quite sometime, or haven’t received that long sought promotion, whatever the scenario, a career mentor can pull you out or guide you through any career-related crisis.

Yet, it is surprising to see that not many people have mentors, and there may be various reasons for it like, “a career mentor is difficult to find”, “if they hold high and authoritative positions, then they are not approachable”, and the most common reason of them all, “I didn’t feel the need to approach a career mentor.”

Having a mentor is like asking another person to look at your situation from a different perspective and in a new light. It helps! Trust me, it really does! Asking for advice from someone who has been in your field for a long time, helps us to learn from his mistakes and avoid repeating those in our journey.

Is it really so difficult to find a good career mentor, let’s find out.

Define! But Not Very Specifically

You need to have a clear outline of who you want to become. While looking out for a mentor, you have to be specific but not rigid. On a piece of paper, define your career goal neatly, but do not be too detailed. Then, look at your goal and decide who matches most of the characteristics. Is it your goal to become a department manager, or a managing director, or a CEO. Based on that, you have to search for a mentor. You manage to find a mentor, but he happens to be just a manager, don’t worry! He may be able to guide you devotedly, to become a CEO. That’s why I mentioned about being specific but not rigid.

Put the Word Out

Let the world know that you are looking out for a career mentor. If you are working in an organization, and are looking out for someone from the same field as a mentor, drop hints when you are in groups. You will start getting random suggestions, but there will be one who will give you a specific suggestion, and you will absorb it like a sponge. You can always approach him/her later and ask for some sit-down time to discuss topics. You can also go the extra step by talking to your HR manager, about your desire to know about the company executives. By doing this, you will come to know who is the right person to approach and in which department he works.

Expand Your Horizon

Don’t narrow down your search group. Knock on more doors to increase the opportunities for your mentor to walk up to you. If you are a member of any charity group or an NGO, you can ask other members for suggestions. You can look out for someone at your church, amongst your friends, on social networking sites, or someone whom you see when you walk your dog in the park. The point is to just spread the word and show eagerness. Who knows, your mentor might be standing in front of you and might catch your intense desire to succeed.

Utilize Your Social Networking Skills

If you are a member of social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, then you can use these sites for mentor hunting. Yes! These sites can be used productively also. You can do an ‘Advanced Search’ by typing in your university’s name and check if any person from the alma mater has risen to a position, where he can serve as a role model for you. You can also search by typing in your zip code or city or town’s name and cross your fingers. If you are lucky, you may find someone just next block.

Mentor Goes, You Follow!

Not in a literal sense, but yes, you should go where the mentors gather. I intend to say that if you are interested in finding a mentor from the public health field, attend conferences that are held on such topics. If you are an entrepreneur and want guidance from a successful businessman, attend inaugural events of new businesses. You would get meet a handful of businessmen en masse. You should actively look out for such events, and then show up there. After you sit through the program and spot that one guy, who you think would be able to play the role of a mentor in your life, go and approach him after the program.

Practice Flexibility and Better Preparedness

This point does not tell you about finding a mentor but tells you about how to behave well, and develop a sustainable relationship with your mentor. Normally, your mentor would be at least 4-5 levels above you and would be busy. Period. Realize this fact and stick to the schedule. If you want to meet him, ask beforehand and practice basic professional etiquette. Agree upon your mode of communication if it is not possible for him to meet you every time. Ideally, you should keep in touch with him so that you remain in his thoughts, but that again does not mean bugging him with every little problem you face. And finally, when you meet him, be prepared with the questions that you want answered. Don’t just go around asking a general question like, how did you get into marketing, or how did you achieve this position? Ask a concrete question like, how did you crack that deal with XYZ company? Be direct and to the point, instead of beating around the bush.

Along with these points, you should also remember that your personality and thinking style should complement with that of your mentor. This point is essential because if you are a little laid back and modest, and he is a go-getter, then over a period of time, looking at your lame approach towards your career, he may loose interest in guiding you.

Therefore, keep your expectations real and be assertive. Exude optimum self-confidence and positive attitude, and I can assure you that you’ll not only find a good mentor for life but also form a lasting relationship, which will help you grow by leaps and bounds in your career.

Good Career Opportunities for Psychics

A psychic medium is a person who can sense and mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.
Working as a psychic advisor can be very honoring. However, it is important to think and plan wisely before stepping into a psychic profession or any other job by knowing your abilities and skills. Some individuals have innate psychic skills and there are others who develop their psychic abilities through various types of training. They begin their career by foretelling the future of family and friends by giving readings to them, and subsequently switch to working as a professional psychic reader.

Psychic jobs can be related to astrology, dream analysis, eastern philosophy, spirituality, numerology, palm reading, past life readings, tarot reading, etc. People want to know about their careers, relationships, health, and future; and so they tend to seek psychic help. Thus this can be a good career opportunity if you are spiritualistic and have the ability to provide psychic readings.

Career Options in the Psychic Field
No academic qualification in particular is required for entering into this field. The skills required are a good understanding of the movement and location of planets and its relation to a given date, good grasp of the principles of astronomy, compassionate attitude towards clients, ability to translate lunar interpretation into relevant rhetoric that is comprehensible to the client, and ability to communicate clearly and confidently.

You need to look for sources that can help you learn astrology symbols, classification and interpretation of zodiac signs, astrological houses, planetary aspects and finally the birth charts. You can even take up correspondence courses or Internet-based courses. To know more about course structure, you can contact your local study center or community college for more information.

Dream interpreter
A dream interpreter can help one deal with psychological understanding that focuses on finding emotional and other issues in a person’s dreams. To become a dream interpreter, one needs to take up certification courses. The course will have certain sessions to attend. One can also study at home by reading, writing on personal and others’ dreams, attending dreamwork sessions with an approved dream therapist, where the aspects of energy and emotions will be studied in depth.

While interpreting dreams, one needs to translate images and scenes into words that one can understand, by translating the meaning of the dream symbols. After that, he has to relate the dream to the dreamer’s biography. One needs to know the life of the dreamer so that he is able to exactly translate a dream. One can even translate any dream without knowing anything about the dreamer, but it may not be a perfect dream translation. One has to be a patient and discover everything about the information that the unconscious mind will give you through dreams.

To become a numerologist, one has to read books about numerology and also keep practicing. Attending classes and trainings can also help. A numerologist certification program can help one gain a better understanding of themselves, others and life. Upon completion of the course, one is qualified to charge a fee for his readings.
To become a palm reader, you need to have a strong belief in palmistry and knowledge of the hand. If one is not a natural palm reader and wants to learn this skill, he can take a class, read a book, learn with a skilled master, study websites, and practice. There is no formal education required to be a palm reader. One needs to know small and big details about the hands, memorize the lines and ways to interpret them. Palm reading needs time and practice to become an expert.

Tarot Reader
To be a tarot reader, you need to know how to read cards with confidence and precision. You need to develop your counseling skills, work on intuition, and create a deep understanding of tarot knowledge. For this, you need to read a lot of books and practice with other people. You can also take up online courses or tarot study programs. You need to spend time writing down readings and also read for friends.

Work from Home Psychic Counselor
A work-at-home psychic should have a natural or acquired psychic ability and must have the best technology available. The psychic provides readings to clients through phone, email, web cam, or online chat. He is generally hired as an independent contractor for a large company. The company reaches clients through advertising. The psychic working from home can also provide face-to-face readings to clients on an appointment basis. He can also have his or her own website where clients will get in touch with him directly.

There are other psychic medium jobs like a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudience, and claircognizant. Clairsentient is one who has the ability to receive intuitive messages through feelings or physical sensations. Clairaudient is one who is able to receive intuitive messages without using the physical ears. Claircognizant is one who has the ability to know something without logic or facts.

Deciding on the Profession
▸ To achieve success and be popular, you need to be caring, positive, truthful, have strong spiritual abilities and a good will to help those in need.

▸ Decide on what you are most confident about, get to know about the various psychic jobs and pursue a job based on your talent.

▸ Develop your skills by reading books on clairvoyance, astrology and others. This will make you more skilled and confident.

▸ Practice your skills by providing readings to your friends and family before you go for the real job.

▸ If you want a psychic job with a large and established company, then decide what kind of company you would like to work for.

▸ See if the ethics of the company are compatible with your own spiritual ethics. For example, psychics working in a company commit to working within a code of ethics that does not allow psychics to depend on or let callers have the authority to make their own choices.

▸ Also check if the company would support you in your professional growth.
Websites for Psychic Jobs
If you are looking for a psychic job, then you can try out the sites such as,,,, and

Some people are born with the gift of these psychic abilities and are able to use it easily without any effort. It can also be developed in people who do not have these psychic abilities at all. All this requires developing one’s natural intuitive abilities, exercising one’s mind’s ability to tap into the sights, sounds, feelings, and overall energy around him or her. One can also read books on these aspects. A course regarding psychic abilities and developing your psychic power would preach you the way to become more intuitive.